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1. They work WITH their students, not just teach AT them. The most enjoyable classes for students are ones where they solve real world problems with the help of their teacher. Being talked at is draining, and there is less fatigue among students when they can contribute, when there is a two-way energy exchange. This… Read More »3 Things Great Teachers Do

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The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard developed to assess language proficiency in a uniform and globally recognized manner. A1 – New Beginner A2 – Beginner B1 – Intermediate B2 – Upper Intermediate C1 – Advanced C2 – Proficient

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by Lara Whybrow The answer is simple – neither is more important than the other. I get this question very frequently and it usually comes from students who have attended classes in which they felt they had little opportunity to practice speaking and which were very grammar oriented. Learning is like cooking – you need… Read More »Which is more important – grammar or speaking practice?

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